Fleet not working after update


Unfortunately, by mistake, one of my elasticsearch hosts updated from version 8.5.3 to 8.8.0, so this caused a lot of problems with my installation.

I've already updated the other 2 elasticserver hosts, but now I'm having a problem with my Fleet Server.

When I access Fleet on Kibana, I get the message "Unable to initialize Fleet: Invalid licence to set per policy output, you need platinum licence".

My default output was logstash, and as far as I could search this is not supported in this version, however, I don't know how to change this configuration because on Kibana all the Fleet menus are not working because of the message above.

Is it possible to help me by telling me what steps should I take to get Fleet working again? I don't want to lose my hosts that are already installed so I think I should get this from API requests maybe?

Thank's in advance,
Best Regards.

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