Follow a huge list of customer with kibana ML


I would like to follow a specific list of customers defined by ip address.

For our application deployment we do this in a number of steps like beta (which may concern more than 1000 customers).

I would like to do anomaly detection over the kibana ML plugin for these beta customer

But when I set a list of ip addresses (more than 1000) kibana is blocked.

Is it possible to follow a spécific huge list of customers ?

I m using kibana 7.3



If I understand your question correctly, you want Kibana to build a filtered query with more than 1000 terms - you're right, that could be messy.

Perhaps a more manageable approach would be to enrich your customers index with a new field, for example beta such that the value of that field for a particular customer was either true or false.

If you want to be fancy and dynamically enrich the data at ingest, you could use a separate index to list your beta users, and use the enrich ingest processor to mark that customer as beta user as the data gets ingested.

Then, you can simply run a single term query in kibana (beta:true)

Hi Rich,
Thanks for your answer.
adding a new field is a good idea if it is static list of customers.
My problem is that list is randomly generated for each new version. so i know this list only when deployed on the beta.

Ok, maybe I don't fully understand your use-case then. You won't know who the beta users are? Why can't you dynamically create the list of beta users into the lookup index at deployment time?

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