Font size, byte rounding and date histogram dashboard

I'm working with Kibana 6.8.2 and when I make a dashboard like the one below I cannot find the way to:

  • Change the font size. On the X and Y Axis the font is very small, is there any way to make it bigger?

  • I'm using Date Histogram on the X-Axis (daily interval as the data is per day "2020-03-09" for example) and when I select the last 7 days or less, the same day appears several times, is there any way to only show one and centered? It has to be Date Histogram and no Terms as the user can change the date range

  • On the Y-Axis I have Byte numbers, is there any way to round them?


Regarding #1: Not currently possible, see

Regarding #2: That seems like a bug, and I wonder if it has been fixed in a new version. Do you have the ability to upgrade?

Regarding #3: We actually are rounding, but it doesn't appear as if they are rounded, due to the fact that a kilobyte = 1024 bytes. So 48.8 KB = 50,000 bytes, 97.7 KB = 100,000 bytes, etc. Obviously this isn't ideal behavior and we have an issue in Kibana that will hopefully be resolved soon that will let you specify the behavior you want:

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Thanks a lot Lukas.

Regarding #2: so far, we won't upgrade, but I'll have a look into the last version.

Regarding #3: My question is more that if Y-Axis numbers can be rounded like 50KB, 100KB, 150KB, etc, instead of 48.8KB, 97.7KB, 146.5KB, etc.

I have tried with last version of Kibana and Elastic but is the same:

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