Frozen Indices on Vega

I'm having a problem getting my data on frozen indices in vega..
I can confirm my data is there if I do a manual query with ignore_throttled = false.

GET myindex/_search?ignore_throttled=false

Other visualization also can work. I do have "search in frozen indices" option enabled in kibana advanced settings.

Is this because i don't have the ignore_throttled inside the data url? I'm not too sure how to add the query parameter in vega.


Hey @osckal,

Can you try adding ignore_throttled to the data.url definition, right next to where you defined your index name for the visualization? This example works for me:

data: {
    url: {

      %context%: true

      %timefield%: order_date

      index: kibana_sample_data_ecommerce

      ignore_throttled: false

      body: {
        aggs: {
        // Speed up the response by only including aggregation results
        size: 0

    format: {property: "aggregations.time_buckets.buckets"}

Great! It works! Thanks a lot! Now time to bring up more graphs with vega :smile:

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