Full cluster restart upgrade : Stop indexing and perform a synced flush

(Shilpa ) #1

I am trying to do an update Elasticsearch from 5.6.3 to 7.0.0. I am referring to the following guide for it:


The browser is throwing following error on step 2: Stop indexing and perform a synced flush.

{"message":"closed: [index_closed_exception] closed, with { index_uuid="Q9-Fk8hdT5CqQyGUDKDtoA" & index=".kibana_1" }","statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request"}

(David Pilato) #2

You can't upgrade from 5.x to 7.0 directly. Indices are not compatible and must be upgraded in 6.7.x first.

(Shilpa ) #3

My bad, I wrote '5.6.3' instead of '6.5.3'. The current version I'm using is 6.5.3

(David Pilato) #4

You should upgrade to 6.7.x and use the upgrade assistant in Kibana to see what you need to fix if anything.