Full-text "match" query versus term search in Discovery

(Jhendric98) #1

I'm interested in performing a Full-text search on an analyzed field in my index. I Sense it looks like this:

GET /sample/_search/
"query": {
"match": {
"MerchKeyBest.merchant_name": {
"query": "jones sports",
"operator": "and"

As I undertand it, the query terms will be run through the search query analyzer, then be matched against the analyzer tokens created during indexing with the index analyzer.

I don't seem to get the same results from Kibana Discover leading me to wonder if a term search is being done over a match search.

Kibana search:
MerchKeyBest.merchant_name: "jones" AND "sports"

(Tanya Bragin) #2

You need to use Lucene query syntax, so I think it will look something like this:

MerchKeyBest.merchant_name:"jones sports"

I have tried a similar approach with a different full text search on my data and got the same number of results in Sense and Discover

(system) #3