Gather AWS tags for host running Elastic Agent

Currently the only identifiable information when viewing a host in the fleet UI is the hostname and OS, there is some metadata available in the Observability UI (I think metrics needs to be enabled for this?) but there are no tags and the metadata is not available in the fleet UI. We don't need or want to enable Metrics on all our hosts.

  • Is it possible to retrieve tags for Agents running on EC2 instances thru some setting that I have missed?
  • Are there plans to add the existing gathered metadata to the Fleet UI?

Also, not related to the title but the functionality of Fleet would be significantly increased by being able to assign multiple policies to hosts in a layering approach like a base common policy then additional policies for different roles eg database server and webserver etc. Right now if I want to create a policy for a subset of hosts with a slight change, it requires copying and maintaining a completely duplicated policy. It would also be cool to add hosts to policies based on tags when/if they are implemented.

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