Generate Event in Kibana when clicking at the table row in Dashboard?

It is possible to generate event when clicking at the table row and That generated event send data to the other index in the kibana. Is it possible to generate event on table row in kibana.

For Dashboards, we do have a Drilldowns feature that will let you attach actions for when a user interacts with a visualization. In particular there is a URL Drilldown which will let you navigate to any arbitrary URL from the Dashboard panel.

So if you are looking to ingest that event data in another Elasticsearch index, you could possibly build your own external webhook that handles writing to ES and use the URL Drilldown to point to it. But otherwise, there unfortunately isn't a way that I can think of to do exactly what you describe in Kibana alone.

Another option would be building a custom plugin and using a service like UI Actions to try to attach triggers to the visualizations you wish to interact with.

Sir I want to transfer the data from one index column to another index by using any Onclick function. Or any way to transfer data from one index to another index?
I have another question It is possible to make relationship between two indexes like we are doing in relational database by using primary and foreign key.

As I mentioned above, there isn't a way to do this out-of-the-box in Kibana; you'd need to build a custom plugin. Kibana will let you do some basic index management, including configuring your index lifecycle policies, but if you want to transfer data to a new index when a user interacts with a specific visualization, this is something you'd need to build as a custom plugin.

Elasticsearch doesn't have a concept of foreign keys. The closest thing I can think of is probably parent/child relations with the join field type, however this can have a significant impact on performance, so de-normalizing your data is generally the recommended approach.

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