GeoIP enrich IP addresses broken if fileting with include_fields

I'm logging DNS packets without dns.response_code: NOERROR. This part works fine.

But when I try to smile down the logged data, by adding a filter to drop all but some selected fields, GeoIP breaks. GeoIP can't be used in the Elastic Agent Packetbeat processor, so I'm a bit stuck without this as a workaround.

The following works fine:

- drop_event:
        dns.response_code: NOERROR

And this works great for reducing the data volume, but breaks GeoIP too:

      - source
      - server.bytes
      - server.ip
      - dns.question.type
      - dns.question.etld_plus_one
      - dns.response_code
      - network.transport
      - network.type

Is this a bug, or a feature?

I guess I could add the GeoIP data in Kibana, but I'd prefer to log the data properly in the first place.

You are dropping the source object and the geoip processor makes use of the source.ip field so you will never get any source.geo info.

You could create an ingest pipeline named logs-network_traffic.dns@custom which would run after the geoip pipeline to drop the source field. Fleet will automatically invoke your custom pipeline at the end of the built-in one.

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