Geopoint based pie chart map for success and failed results?


I have a index with geopoints and a result which is either "failure" or "success". I would like to draw points on the map with each result but red points are failures and green points are successful.

The issue is that on a 2D plane, you cant really represent that.

I think the best way would be to represent each point as a "pie chart" showing the total count of failure and successful documents and show that on the map.

Ive been looking around in Kibana and Im not sure if there is a way to do thisl.

Is it possible?

Sorry for not tagging. My mistake.

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No Worries, Just trying to get the maps people to look at it.

I often answer geo / maps questions but I don't know the answer for this, my instinct is that we don't have that yet in a pie chart, lets see if someone answers.

Thank you for your help.

If this isnt implemented, from your experience and opinion, what would be the best way to show this?

The idea might be a section on the left of a dashboard that shows both results: Failed and success. I click on Failed, it filters it and shows on the right side of the dashboard a map and all Failed points. I click on Success (on the left side) and it shows all Success points.

I dont know if I explained myself correctly.

As @stephenb mentioned there is no direct way to show the distribution of an aggregated dataset. The last bit you mention is exactly what Dashboards do. Just add your map and a panel with a barchart or a piechart of your failed and successes and clicking on them will add a filter on your dashboard that will also filter the data on the map.

Check this quick clip showing flight positions. The chart on the right will show positions of planes on the ground versus on the air. Clicking on the chart will create a pill that filters all the data displayed in the dashboard.

Hope it helps!


This looks intresting as a concept. Im not sure if this would be ideal BUT implementing it might lead me in a better direction.

Thank you very much.

So I took a look at it and implemented and honestly....It doesnt mean natural to remove a filter.

Is there a way to, via a graphic, click and switch between them?

For your example, it would be a panel saying "Is it on the ground?" and it is clickable between yes and no, without removing the filter like the clip you posted.

Is there a way to, via a graphic, click and switch between them?

Not that I'm aware, sorry.

The workflow I mentioned is a very standard Kibana procedure, it works with basically all panels you can add to a dashboard (histograms, barcharts, etc).

It could also be achieved using the search bar that handles nicely autocompletion.

Additionally, there's even a more advanced feature related with filtering that allows you to connect different dashboards called Drilldowns.

I'm sorry if this does not meet your requirements.

There is an open issue for displaying the marker as a pie chart, [Maps] Tile map circles as pie charts · Issue #2288 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. I think is what you are looking for

Yeah, Im seeing other examples and like you said: It seems to be very standard Kibana procedure. I guess I am not used to it.

I saw that issue but its been open since 2014; I doubt any work related to it has been done or there is any intrest in it.

Thanks for all the help everyone.

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