Get Results of individual jenkins job and create Dashboard


Thanks in advance. I am new to kibana and see it is possible to show time series data in kibana. I have a different requirement. I am trying to setup a dashboard for monitoring our software flow.
The process looks like this.

for a product a workflow from dev to prod environment.
Product A
job1 --> job2 --> job3 --> job4

product B 
job5 -- >job6 --> job7 --> job8

I want to show this results of success or failure of each jenkins job and details like build number and environment name on kibana dashboard.
Jenkins has an api url for each job from where we can pull data in Json or xml format. Is there a way to get data and display on dashboard in kibana.

Hi @syedsfayaz,

Yes, you can create Dashboards in Kibana on the data. First, you need to index the Jenkins data into Elasticsearch which is then queried by Kibana to create Visualizations and Dashboard.

You can use logstash to get the data into ES or index it using ingest node.
There exists a community plugin which might help you on your quest.

Hope this helps.

Yogesh Gaikwad

@Yogesh_Gaikwad , This plugin will only allow to send post build notifications. But what I need is to also show when the build is still in progress. Is there a way I can write a python or some script to pull data from jenkins API and send it to elastic search?. How can I send data to elastic search from a script? . Or Is there any other way I can send data.

Hi @syedsfayaz,

Yes, you can. There are multiple ways that you can send data to Elasticsearch.

If you are writing a script to pull data from Jenkins API then I would suggest using Elasticsearch ingest node and index the data.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,
Yogesh Gaikwad

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