Show latest document data on the dashboard


I am trying to create a custom dashboard either on canvas or on kibana to show the build status of last run or running jenkins job.

I want to get data from jenkins api and show its status (Success, Failure, In progress)
I also want to show some of the build parameters of the jenkins jobs.

For example if I am getting data from 5 different jenkins jobs.
A, B , C, D

How Can I show the top value or latest document based on time stamp on markdown or any other panel.

Hey @syedsfayaz assuming that you've already indexed your data into Elasticsearch, you can use the "Top Hit" aggregation to do this similar to the following:

@Brandon_Kobel Thanks for your reply. I am still figuring out how to get build data of specific Jenkins jobs in ES. I remember trying to use top-hit but I did not see data. I will get back to you once I try this with Jenkins.

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