Getting MySQL Replication Metrics into Kibana


I'm trying to find a way to ingest MySQL replication status into Kibana.
We're using the Elastic Cloud Service and the MySQL integration.

This provides a lot of MySQL status data for a database servers but nothing regarding replication it seems. We do not use Galera which does seem to provide this functionality.

I think somehow we need to get the results from SHOW SLAVE STATUS into Kibana but I'm not sure if this is the answer or how this could be done using Fleet and Integrations.

Any tips would be appreciated!


Hi @yelloyonder :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm afraid that this is possible in Metricbeat either using mysql.query metricset or sql.query metricset (they both the same engine in the background) but it has not been ported yet to the Integration.

I encourage you to open a ER on Github to request this to be ported.


Hi Mario, it's a shame that feature doesn't exist yet but I'll raise an ER as suggested. Thanks!

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