Metricbeat - mysql module - galera_status metricset


First time poster searching for an answer to a problem that google isn't helpful with.

I am using Metricbeat with the mysql module to send metrics from my "5.7.30-log" mysql server with the "galera_status" metricset enabled.

I see in the raw output that the galera fields are empty:

      "mysql": {
         "galera_status": {
         "cluster": {},
         "received": {},
         "repl": {},
         "commit": {},
         "evs": {},
         "apply": {},
         "cert": {},
         "flow_ctl": {},
         "local": {
         "recv": {},
         "send": {}

Has anyone else come across this?

Best Regards!

Hi Alexander,

would you mind to give some background to this mySQL configuration?

My basic question would be if you even have mysql configured to be a Galera cluster?
Because otherwise it is quite natural that you get an empty resultset.

What does your my.cnf and galera.cnf look like?
What is the output of statement SHOW STATUS LIKE 'wsrep_cluster_size'?

Because right now I tested with a galera docker container and the output is appropriately filled with values.

Hello Andre!

That explains, I was under the impression that galera was a part of MySQL used for the replication between servers ( since the fields in metricbeat that revolve around replication all come from galera_status metricset ).

I just want to grab replication status, slave lag from my MySQL Server with metricbeat, is that not possible while using mysql standard replication?

Ah, ok. No Galera is an extra part of MySQL for High Availability Scenarios

Going back to your replication question:
How did you exactly set up your replication?

Can you post the relevant my.cnf part?

I am also interested in this - gather MySQL replication info using the mysql metricbeat module.
From reading the documentation, am I right in saying that SHOW SLAVE STATUS is not implemented? I can't see anything related to MySQL replication using the status metricset in the mysql metricbeat module.

Hi @reallove

Welcome to the Elastic community.
As far as I know there is no SHOW SLAVE STATUS kind of metricset, there is only one for SHOW GLOBAL STATUS.

The portion you are referring to is the Status metricset of the MySQL module:

Right now I have tested with a normal Mysql Replicaset and it was instantly working, I got results.

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