Getting stuck on load geoip database file while installing Elasticsearch 8.6.2

Hi, I just tried to install Elasticsearch 8.6.2, however it was stuck when run elasticsearch.bat
details as show at the screenshot

Why do you say that it's stuck on loading a geoip database? When I just started an Elasticsearch node, my log looked pretty similar (ending with a message about the download of the same geoip database file). It looks like Elasticsearch already listening for requests on port 9200 according to your log -- the geoip database downloading happens in the background and often finishes after Elasticsearch is up.

Hi @Alfred_C Welcome to the community!

As @Keith_Massey said that looks like a perfectly normal startup sequence... it is just the last message to print in the logs... looks like elasitcsearch is ready for you!

Also in the future please don't paste images of text they are hard to read (some can not even see them) hard to debug, search etc... we much prefer formatted text.

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