Getting timeout after 1500ms on elasticsearch from kibana image on VM

Hello, I'm trying to get Kibana working properly on a VM through docker. I have kibana up on port 8080 but i'm getting a 1500ms timeout on elasticsearch. I know kibana is 4.4.2, but i have no way of knowing what version elasticsearch is.

Honestly kibana has been broken for some time, I've been tasked with fixing it as no one knows what's going on as all those that set it up left over a year ago. I can't find a kibana.yml anywhere. Should i just wipe it all and try from scratch 6.5?

Kibana 4.4.2 works with Elasticsearch 2.2, and is indeed very old. If you have no data you want to keep and/or want to avoid the potential hassle of migration, you could start afresh with the latest version, which is possibly the easiest way to get something up and running.

Thanks, I had a similar idea myself and decided to wipe everything, installing from 6.5. Currently in the process of getting the cluster in ES up and running

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