Gradle build for eclipse failed

Hi all:
I just download elasticsearch master branch. Previously, i use the following command to compile and setup environment for eclipse:
gradle cleanEclipse eclipse.

But , i just find i can't upgrade my .classpath file.
Does any body meet the same issue.
Hopes you reply

Usually gradle eclipse is good. It will do the clean on its own. I run that command all the time and I don't recall it not working for me lately.

Hi Nik
I just try it again. I i try to run gradle eclipse under t the project folder in command line. It success. But , as i perspect, it will help me upgrade a eclipse project, which can be import to eclipse directly.
But the .classpath file not created and .project file not update.

I a newer to gradle,


An other thing i should mentioned is if i import elk by eclipse gradle plugin, an exception appears always:
": is an invalid character in resource name 'elasticsearch.:core'.“

If you can share me a blog to setup elasticsearch step by step, i will be appreciated of it. And i think there will be lots of people will expect it.

Hi Nik
I found classpath under core folder have no been update correctly, so i copy the .classpath file from test folder. After that, the compile almost success.
But an dependency conflict occur on that time

that make me confused