Setting up Elasticsearch in Eclipse

Hey everyone,

I'm having some issues getting ES set up in Eclipse, both in Windows and in Ubuntu. Since I'm having issues in both, it must be something I'm doing, so I'm turning to everyone here. I'm new to ES, as well as to Gradle, so I'm guessing it's a step I'm overlooking somewhere.

What I'm doing:

  1. Installing Eclipse, updating Gradle, and updating Buildship Gradle Integration Plugin.
  2. Adding the ES Git repository to Eclipse, and cloning the latest version.
  3. Adding the cloned project to Eclipse as a Gradle project.

When I add the cloned source code as a Gradle project, it creates the project, but it doesn't seem to include any of the source code. My main question is how to get the source code imported in the Gradle project properly?

Additionally, once it is in Eclipse, how am I able to run it to test out the changes I have made? I'm able to run it via command line by doing ./gradlew run, but I'm wondering how I'm able to run the project via Eclipse instead.


I think you should start here:

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