Grant access to Stack Monitoring tab - Role


How can I grant access to Stack Monitoring in Kibana to a user ?

I already tried to add "monitoring_user" and "kibana_user" to user but it doesn't work..

Maybe it's linked to my roles access.

Best regards,

Thomas RAMON

Hi @Thomas74,

What version of the stack are you using?

Hi @chrisronline,

My bad I totally forgot to add it ^^'

I use version 7.4.0

What kind of error are you seeing? Does the page just return a 404? Or is there an error in the Kibana server log?

First I set only access : monitoring_user on the user and I received a 403 forbidden message when I logged in into kibana.

So I created a space with stack monitoring activated. After that, I created a role with this space linked to.

Space configuration :

Role configuration :

User :

Result :

aaah sorry !
While rereading my message I saw my error...

After I forget to add monitoring user and kibana_user ...

But now I've got this error :

User reconfiguration :

Another problem, user have an access to other spaces also :

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