Granular access to diferent queries in the index

Hello all,
Can you please help with this question (saw some variants Setup access dashboard per user) but not quite what i want or maybe google did not liked my question enough:

  1. I have a VectorDev that sends all k8s logs to ES index vector
  2. I've created a data view and i can discover all fileds
  3. I want to create a space where namespace users will only be able to access "ns fields" for example only the data returned by kubernetes.pod_namespaces: "default"

I did not find a way to implement such granularity. Any ideas? As an alternative can i create a dashboard to share with "userA" for kubernetes.pod_namespaces: "userA ns"?


Hi @Mihai-CMM

What you are describing sounds like document level security.. restricting access to certain documents based on a filter for certain roles and users.

Which is a commercial paid for feature. Take a look here.

Index level security is part of the basic free license.

thank you