Graph: differences in the X axis are not equal


I created a line graph where the Y axis is a value that is created every 5 minutes (the value is a percentage of how "healthy" the system is). My X axis is based on a time stamp called "eventTimeStamp").

When I use a size of N in the X-axis, I get a graph that looks to be correct, but the distances between each "dot" comprising the graph are visualized inequally. One dot can be 20 pixels from the next one, then the dot after that appears 100 pixels from that previous one. However, when I hover my mouse over the dots, the values in the tooltip show timestamp intervals which are 5 minutes each, which is correcy.

As an example between 2 dots there might be 1 cm difference and between another 2 dots the difference might be 5 cm. In the following screenshots you can see a demonstration of this problem:




Could you also show your data configuration ?
it looks like you do not have date_histogram aggregation on your x-axis, but a term or something similar, as each of the dates is interpreted as a string, not as a date. That's probably the reason why the spacing between points is not correct.

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It really was as a term. Some colleague of mine fixed it so I don't know for sure that this was the problem

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