Grok debugger does not seem to work

I am using 7.6.2. behind reverse proxy.

All is working fine but grok debugger. It shows similar behaviour as " Grokdebugger] Fix grokdebugger simulate call in non-default space #61423". But I am in default space.

I am trying the steps in

Grok debugger shows: "not found" - based on inspect it tries to access http://some-ip/kibana/kibana/api/grokdebugger/simulate .

So it seems for me the doubled kibana in the path seems to be the problem.

The page for grok simulater is the following: http://some-ip/kibana/app/kibana#/dev_tools/grokdebugger

Hi Thomas!

I am sorry to hear that you have run into this issue, but the fix you referenced ( is only shipped with 7.7.0.

the title in looks misleading - the problem existed for all the users regardless of their space. I believe it should fix the problem you discovered.

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