Guide for Upgrading from 5.5.2 to 7.8.1

Hi Team,

I would like to upgrade my Elastic Stack from V5.5.2 to 7.8.1
I am using the AWS amazon server and have huge data in indexes.
Also, I want to move all the dashboards created in 5.5.2

Please help!!!

Thanks in Advance.

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Are you using the AWS ES service, or EC2?


We have AWS service.

The general upgrade docs are here - You will need to find an approach that works with your requirements and the service you are using.

Thank you for quick response.

Can i upgrade v5.5.2 to 7.8.1 directly? or I need to move to 6.8 first and then 7.9?

Also I can't see Upgrade Assistance in the V.5.5.2

Per the docs;

  1. Rolling upgrade to 5.6
  2. Rolling upgrade to 6.8
  3. Rolling upgrade to 7.9.0

You won't be able to access that on the AWS service at all.

Thanks I will go through this documents

On local machine I have Kibana 5.5.2 with 30 days trial version even though I can't see Upgrade assistance.

It was released in 5.6.

OK thanks.

Rolling upgrade gives steps about the Elastic search upgrade. What about Kibana and Logstash?

You should take a look at their respective documentation.

Sure will check respective documents.

In document it is suggest to do below steps for upgrades

  1. Upgrade 5.5.2 to 5.6
  2. 5.6 to 6.8
  3. 6.8 to 7.9

So three migration for version upgrade should be done.

Which option you suggest to be choose?

  1. Direct upgrade from 5.5.2 to 7.9.1
  2. The above version wise data migration

Also, How much time it will take to data migrate for option you suggest?

Thanks, Amit.

As @warkolm said you can't directly upgrade to 7.9. You will have to perform the 3 rolling upgrades.

This depends heavily on the amount of data. How big are your indices and how many do you have? I would say that you will need at least a day (If you have terabytes of data) because you will have to reindex all your data in 6.X so that its compatible with 7.X.

OK thanks for the information.

Does rolling upgrade applies to all for Elastic stack( Kibana and Logstash) or they can directly upgrade to the higher versions?

Thanks, Amit.

As far as I know (maybe @warkolm can verify this) the Kibana data is stored as indices.
See the documents:

Elasticsearch can read indices created in the previous major version. Before you upgrade to 7.0.0, you must reindex or delete any indices created in 5.x or earlier. For more information, refer to Upgrading the Elastic Stack.
When your reindex is complete, follow the Standard upgrade instructions.

So if you upgrade all Indices with the rolling upgrade and you start the new Kibana 7.X it should work. If you have the newest version of elastic running you can switch to the newest version of Logstash, there should be no problem with that.

Just follow this an you should be fine:


Sure thanks for the quick responses.

Will go through this documents and try to migrate.

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I just read about "Upgrading on Elastic Cloud". It is just 1 click process.

What about If i would like to take elastic cloud and move the AWS server data to the cloud with higher version? WIll it be very easy and quick process? Will elastic team take care about the migrations?

Please help.
Thanks, Amit.

You will still need to get the data into the new cluster. Given you are running such an old version, it may not be a straight forward approach.

We have consulting services that can do it for you.

Given that you need to reindex all the data it may not be quick. You probably would need to start a 6.8 cluster and restore snapshot to this. Then you need to reindex all the data and update index templates. Once this is done you run the migration wizard to see if all is ok before you upgrade to 7.9.

ok. Will give a try on my side.

Forgot the step including 5.6 in my description.