Heartbeats configure using AWS Elasticsearch kibana 7.4.2

Hi Team,

I am using aws elasticsearch kibana 7.4.2 and i have configured filebeats, metricbeats, and hearbeats and sent it to logstash and logstash is sending data logs, metrics etc to aws elasticsearch. and configured manual dashboads.

Question: does aws managed kibana supports monitoring for heartbeats and index ??

Question 2: does it supports heartbeats alerts using opendistro ????

Question 3: can we create alerts for 5xx 4xx error logs using opendistro ???

Question 4: how can we use automatic dashboards importing in kibana ??

thanks in advance

  1. The Monitoring functionality we release is not available on the AWS service. You'd have to ask them what they have.
  2. You'd have to ask AWS
  3. You'd have to ask AWS
  4. What do you mean by this one?
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For last question 4, I was asking like is it possible in aws elasticsearch and kibana ..... so that i can import prebuilt dashboards for filebeat , metricbeat and including all beats rather than creating dashboards manually ???

No, it's not possible.

You might want to look at upgrading to https://www.elastic.co/cloud/, which you can also purchase through the AWS marketplace - https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/Elasticsearch-Inc-Elasticsearch-Service-on-Elastic/B01N6YCISK

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