Heathmap time on y-axis without date

I'm trying to create a visualisation to see how many devices have connected to our application at certain times of the day. Of course, I can do this with regular bar / line graphs, but i'd like to visualise this with a heath map.

Heath map looking as following:

  • Has the date histogram (Daily) on the X-axis
  • The hours only on the Y-axis

I can't seem to find a way to display only hours on the y-axis. Is this possible?

Do you have a separate field for "hour_of_day" in your mapping? If not, you could create a scripted field for this in your index pattern settings. Then, you can split by date histogram for timestamp (x-axis) and by histogram with an interval of 1 for hour_of_day (y-axis). I can provide further instructions if necessary.

Hi Lukas!

I haven't tried this yet, will give it a shot. Thanks!

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