Heatmap is hiding empty rows

I am trying to create a heatmap on a numeric field over some time period, using the aggregation based tool.
After selecting "Value: count", I create the y-axis histogram. I select "show empty buckets" and I get a bunch of evenly spaced rows, including empty rows.
But then when I add the x-axis date histogram, the empty y-axis buckets disappear and the first row jumps from 0 to 40 (the max is 100), so the scale looks skewed.
Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Galen,

I'm not able to recreate the issue on my end. But I might also need more context. Can you share screenshots showing the skewed chart?

Yes, absolutely.
Here is the initial y-axis histogram:

Here it is with "Show empty buckets":

And here is what happens when I add the x-axis date histogram. The empty y-axis buckets disappear again:

I also found something else strange. If I create the x-axis first, and then the y-axis, the y-axis ordering is all weird. At first it looks random, but it actually appears to be ordered according to the order in which the earliest event in each bucket occurs:

Thanks Galen. I'm able to recreate the issue with the empty buckets now. Here is the bug report.

I was able to work around this issue by moving the x-axis on top of the y-axis (click and drag the two bars next to the red x) and specifying the min and max with Extend bounds toggled on. But this requires knowing the bounds, so it's not a perfect workaround.

That's great, thanks.
I was able to use the work around in this particular case, since the data has fixed bounds.

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