Help me to Activate X-Pack security on Elasticsearch 5.6.15


I have installed elasticsearch 5.6.15 on one of my node. I want to secure my elasticsearch. I have also installed the same version of x-pack plugin. and I have chenged the following in elasticsearch.yml file true
action.auto_create_index: .security,.monitoring*,.watches,.triggered_watches,.watcher-history*,.ml*

But It is not asking password while i am interacting with API like cluster health, node detail, indices, etc...
How can i protect it with password. While accessing any API i want user to give password...

Please help me in this.

With 5.6.15, you need to have a trial or commercial license.

From 6.8.0 and 7.1.0, it's available for free in the basic license.
I'd suggest you to upgrade first, then activate it.

Thanks for feedback,

But our need is on this version only. If we go to latest version there is huge change in code. and we I am first trying on trial version and plan to purchase license. So please help me. When i see in elasticsearch log file it shows trial but accessing API it is directly accessible without asking password.. our business needs authentication to elasticsearch... So please help me.


Did you read and follow the steps in this guide?

Did you restart the nodes? What are elasticsearch logs?

I have follow the same steps and I have not created elasticsearch as service. I am running it as .bat file.. So you can say I have closed and open that bat file ... So we can say restarted the node..

In log file it also shows me x-pack plugin loaded.
But what is the issue i am confused why it is not asking for password while interacting with API...

So can you please help me deeper....Please

Can you share the logs?

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