Help needed, Elastic+Kibana Ubuntu 18.04.LTS problem

Hi, pretty frustrating installation of Elastic and Kibana.
Elastic is running OK, checked with curl, got "You know, for searching" reply.
Starting kibana with --allow-root to see where problem is and message is:
License information could not be obtained from Elasticsearch for the [data] cluster.
After 3000 msec error thrown. Kibana wont start. Done with apt install elasticsearch command, nothing special. Conf files both ok with basic setup, done X-pack as false to avoid possible problems, no users with password etc. Windows install goes without problems, this is frustrating. Latest version is installed, from repo. Any idea anyone? I see more people have same problem but no good answer otherwise i would solve it out of their despair...

Hi @mmalisa12, I usually recommend people follow this DigitalOcean guide.

I have done lots of ES on Ubuntu installation, the problems which I faced are not severe, mostly some configuration file I messed up, it is quite straight forward installation method for Linux, especially for Ubuntu

Is that the full message or is there more detail, maybe on subsequent lines?

Are you sure you're running the default (i.e. non-OSS) version of both products?

Hello to all, thank you for your time. I solve alone this issue by putting this in elasticsearch.yml which i copy-paste from Windows installation: false
I dont know why there is no more info about this, since it is crucial and people not need to download OSS version.I use basic licence with few possible features and this is enough for now for what i need at the moment. Thank you again to all for your time, hope for someone will solve their problems.

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