Hide "Secure your data for free with Elastic" message programatically

When logging onto Kibana for the first time, I get a message "Your data is not secure. Don't lose one bit. Secure your data for free with Elastic."

See PR 80344 and issue 80161.

I'm maintaining a project that uses elasticsearch and uses third party tools to handle the security features (authentication, encryption, etc.) instead of the elasticsearch security plugin. I don't want this message to display to my users. How can I, either through the Kibana API or through manually writing a document to the .kibana index or the like, prevent this message from ever showing up?

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I can't see it's documented, but according to PR https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/78545, you can disable it via the kibana.yml config file:

security.showInsecureClusterWarning: false
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Thank you so much, I will give that try.

It looks like that did the trick. Thanks again.

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