Hiding some span.subtype into Kibana's APM UI


We are currently using ECK to deploy our Elastic Stack in version 8.8.1 on GCP.
I am actually configuring our applications to report to APM, we have multiple Vue and Quasar Frontends and some NestJS backends.

I was wondering if it's possible to disable in the APM interface of Kibana to disable some span.subtype ?

Because in the frontend to backend transactions, we are not really interested to see the script subtypes like in the following screenshot :

Seeing all the script subtypes 'pollute' our traces so I was wondering if it was possible to disable it in the charts.

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Noxis,

Thanks for using Elastic APM!

There is no UI setting for hiding span.subtype in Kibana.

Let's explore possible alternatives:

At present, the RUM agent doesn't have any configuration that allows spans to be ignored. There is a issue created but not yet prioritized.

Something that you could do is what a colleague suggested here

P.S. I'm assuming the waterfall of your screenshot belongs to a transaction created by Javascript RUM agent and not to another APM agent, like the one from Node.js

Another feature that could help you to remove data you don't want is via ingest pipelines

Hope this helps you


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