Histogram visualization with custom buckets/count


Hi there,

I loaded a index like this on Elasticsearch:

ID    state    timestamp
1234  A        10:10 
3456  B        10:14
4635  B        10:54    

Now what I'm trying to do is a histogram visualization to show how many IDs have 10 state = A, how many have 20 state = A, etc.
In other words, a histogram displaying this table here:

bucket (X-axis)    no. of occurences of state A per id (Y-axis)
10                 342
20                 463
...                ...

Is this possible natively with Kibana?

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Hi there, I'm sorry I'm not sure I understand. What do the buckets on your X-axis represent?



Hi, the buckets on X-axis represent the number of times the same “state” is showing per each ID in the timeframe specified. And the Y-axis represents the count of unique IDs.
So, for instance, in the first row of my example we’ve got 342 unique IDs which have 10 occurrences of state A in the timeframe specified.

Thank you

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