Historic marvel data is gone after upgrade to 2.1.1


i've upgraded marvel to 2.1.1 from 1.7.2 and data collection is working successfully but it seems i lost all my historic data.
i would assume the reason for that is because the index naming was changed:

it looks like the new naming convention is .marvel-es-DATE...

the question is how to use the historic data as well? i have all the indexes, assuming that its possible.
should i add alias to the old indexes? can i set marvel index naming pattern manually?


I am not sure it will work anyway, there was some changes to the underlying structure (ie schema) and what we collected.
As well, we migrated from KB3 to 4 and that has completely different querying structure.

OK, i understand.

just FYI, i tried giving an alias to one of the old indexes, it didn't work. marvel could not load.