Horizontal Bar Chart - Axys Y Display Interval 0.01

Hi, I'm trying create a graph horizontal bar with money interval of $0.01. My Elastic Stack version is 7.11.2.

The atual interval is just $0.2. How I can visually discern the difference between values?

Hi, perhaps this enhancement that is going into 7.14 will help:

Otherwise, it's unclear from the screenshot why you say the interval is $0.2. Is that another way of saying the interval between R$ 4,600 and R$ 4,800?

Can you explain more about your use case, what tool you are using to create this visualization, and provide an example of what your data looks like?

Hi, @tsullivan I want compare with graph horizontal bar and line, prices with difference of 0.01 cents. I want visualize for exemple difference between 5.2970 and 5.2926.


my data is like this


For atual graph I use this config if I can set 0.01 in Bounds Margin maybe work


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