How to specify the y-axis range in Kibana Visualization

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In a Kibana(5.5.1) visualisation(say, Timelion / Vertical Bar Chart), the Y-axis data points are 1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 1.85. So, The visualisation's Y-axis range is automatically set to '1 to 2'.

But, I want to explicitly specify the Y-axis range( say, 0 to 5 ).
How can this be done? Please suggest.

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With Timelion, you can do it using the min/max parameters of the yaxis like so: .es(*).yaxis(1, min=0 , max=5)

With a Vertical Bar Chart, you can do so using the Metrics & Axes -> Y-Axis -> Advanced Options -> Custom Extents as highlighted below:

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