Setting the max-value of Timelion's Y-axis dynamically

(Anirban Sen) #1


I am using the below Timelion expression to plot a Timelion Chart in Kibana for metricbeat data:

.es(index=metricbeat-*, timefield='@timestamp', metric='avg:system.memory.used.bytes').divide(1073741824).label('Memory Used(in GB) ').color(green).yaxis(1,min=0,max=8,null,'Memory(in GB)')

And it plots a chart of Used-Memory against the y-axis ranged from 0 to 8.

But, I want this max y-axis value to be taken dynamically from the field:

Please suggest.

(Brandon Kobel) #2

@anisen this isn't possible with Timelion currently, you can open up an enhancement request here so we can gather feedback and gauge interest from the community.

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