Plot maximum value within time range with Timelion

(Jay) #1

With Timelion, is there a way to dynamically plot the maximum value of a series within a given timezone?

For example, say I have plotted a series with this data:
08/01 - 20
08/02 - 30
08/03 - 32
08/04 -20

On the same chart, I would want a line with the max (32) spanning across the chart.

I would want this max to be dynamically charted as the values or my datetime range changes. Is this possible with the current functions?

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Hey Jay,

This does not appear to available, though you are welcome to open an issue for it.

(Charlotte Dupont) #3

You can do it with mathlion plugin.
You can then ask to parse a mathematical function 'max' on all your data.
it would look like this :