Horizontal barchart size

When choosing a size for a horizontal stacked bar chart I ran into a problem.
It seems it is showing my chosen size * the buckets I have chosen. Is there some extra field I need to check to be sure to always see the same amount of bars?


In my current example below I need to show top ten, and always top ten, regardless of other filters, but as you see here, I have way more than 10

But when I filter for only 1 bucket, I get my desired 10 bars:

The way that works is that you will get the Top 10 results for each bucket. Which can result in 10 x number of buckets if the buckets are really different between each other or it can result in just 10 bars if they buckets are very similar.
There is no way of limiting the total number of bars currently.

Thank you for the swift answer @Marius_Dragomir! Is it something that is on the roadmap?

I haven't encountered this need before. You can open an enhancement request, maybe it will be added to the roadmap, as it could be a low hanging fruit type of issue.

I've made one here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/60113

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