Hot warm architecture

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I checked out the Hot warm architecture, so I have some questions.

  1. Can Hot or Warm node is an eligible master-data node ?
  2. I intend to implement it with 4 nodes, including 2 Hot nodes as eligible master-data note and 2 Warm node as data node. Is it a good idea ?

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. anyone can help me ?

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Yes, they can. But as hot nodes in particular can get very heavily loaded, they may not be ideal as master nodes.

You should always aim to have at least 3 master-eligible nodes in a cluster, so I would recommend making all of them master-eligible and set minimum_master_nodes to 3 as per these guidelines.

If you realise the cluster is having problems with master nodes getting re-elected frequently, you may want to introduce at least one smaller dedicated master node.

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Thanks for useful info

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