How can i change the map to arc GIS?

I want my map tile or base map to be from ArcGIS

How should i go about this?

Check this blog post will help you

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google maps by any chance ? @ylasri

thanks @ylasri for the link, it's the best tutorial for users to add a custom map to the legacy coordinate and region maps visualization

@witcher, to add an ArcGIS Map to the Maps-application, you can add custom raster image or vector tile layers.

For documentation see here:

I assume you're using ArcGIS Server (, which supports these protocols

  • TMS: image tile service
  • mapbox vector tile service

Both are supported by Elastic Maps.


Yep is there a way i can implement google maps? @thomasneirynck

If you mean having Google Maps as a layer on Elastic Maps I'm afraid that's not possible @witcher

I mean there are various tile services so is there a tile service for of google maps? @jsanz

Unfortunately no, there is no official tile service for Google Maps, and even further, their terms of service don't allow to use their cartography on a different mapping platform than their own. You can find more details here.


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