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I'm trying to get offline maps working in Kibana, but running into problems. For context, I want a standard OSM style base map, similar to the default base map, that doesn’t require an internet connection. I’ve tried a couple of things so far:

  1. EMS docker image, as described here: Elastic Maps Server | Elastic
  • Am working locally, on the free version of Elastic, so do not have appropriate license level.
  1. Self-hosted Base Maps
  • I’ve set up a MapTiler Server and imported the mbtiles files.

  • Setting map.tilemap.url:http://localhost:3650/api/tiles/maptiler-satellite/{z}/{x}/{y} works for rasta tiles, however, when I try with vector tiles I get a blank map (no errors in console).

  • Open Street Maps are provided as vector tiles, and it does state in the blog that tiles must be rasta, but these are a little dated, so I was wondering whether any changes had been made since then.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Millie,

The map.tilemap.url Kibana setting only supports raster tiles. However, you can add a vector tiles data layer to a map in Elastic Maps. It is important to note that vector tiles can include many layers where raster tiles have only one layer. So you'll need to inspect your vector tile service and add a new vector tiles data layer for each layer you want to display.

For example, vector tiles from OpenMapTiles by MapTiler has 16 vector tile layers. If we want of all these layers in Elastic Maps we need to add 16 vector tiles. In the screenshot below, I've only added the boundary and water layers.

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