OpenmapTiles in Vega During Offline Mode

Hello, I'm currently deploying the stack in an offline environment and am having issues with generating a map based visualization in vega. I'm using the standard config reference in the vega script to pull up a map, works fine when not in offline mode. I've pointed the base map in kibana to the openmaptiles server that is hosting the tiles in the kibana file which I thought would do the trick. I've also tried to point vega to the tile server using the "layers" reference but it seems like vega wants geojson reference explicitly. Thanks for the help!

Currently, offline support isn't something we support out of the box for this.

You could try creating a proxy services that caches the data you need locally to serve the data for Kibana but that would involve some work from your end.

If this is something important to you, I'd encourage you to file an enhancement request on Github which we use to build out roadmap.

That's interesting, I feel as though the only thing needed to get this to work would be to point Vega to the map referenced by map.tilemap.url in the kibana.yml file. I currently have map.tilemap.url set to "http://localhost:8080/styles/klokantech-basic/{z}/{x}/{y}.png" which references a tilemap service that I have running in a docker container. When I use maps in kibana it correctly points to this map as the default base layer but that's not the case when using vega. I'm referencing the guide provided by when calling a map into vega and it seems like it is not referencing map.tilemap.url when generating a map layer.

This sounds like a bug. Could you open an issue at Vega maps should use map.tilemap.url when provided instead of getting its base map layer from Elastic map service

Will do! Thanks for the help

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