Vega Map Visualization with no Internet accessibility


We are attempting to implement a Vega Map Visualization (in Kibana 6.8) that does not have any connections to the Internet. The map works fine when an Internet connection is available, but offline it fails with the following error:

tmsServiceConfig is undefined

Using DevTools I can see that the visualization is attempting to load a WWW page at the following URL:

If you view that page it contains json with two services listed. They have 'manifest' properties that point to other WWW URLs that go to and respectively.

Clicking on the 'tiles' URL opens up another page with json that defines a road_map service with url property that points to an hosted tile web map service.

I believe that this is the culprit for the tmsServiceConfig error. Is there a way to host the manifest file locally, or whatever necessary files needed for the Vega map to work? I have access to an OpenStreetMap tiled map service in the offline enviornment. However, I am not sure how to override the call to the external URL, and point things to the non-internet enviornment.


@nyuricks can u please help here?


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