How can i configure other langages in Kibana


I would like to know what langages are currently supported by Kibana ( in Kibana UI ), and how to configure Kibana to display its menus in a specific langage.

Is elastic working on integration of more and more langages for the future versions of Kibana.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @abka

For now, Kibana is available in English and in Chinese. Yes we are working in integrating other languages in the future.

In order to change the language you need to update the kibana.yml config file and add

// Chinese
i18n.locale: "zh-CN"

// English (default)
i18n.locale: "en"


Thank you very much for your quick reply :slight_smile:
Could we know what are next langages that are under integration. Is Portuguese expected to be available in the few next releases of Kibana ?
Is it possible/easy to make the translation by our selves ?


We have Japanese coming in our next release. And the next languages we are working on are French and German. I can't say at the moment if/when Portuguese will be available.

You can follow the progress on new languages in theses github issues.


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