How can I crawling Kibana Chart or insert Kibana Chart to other web application?

I'm developing Dashboard Web application project(Project A).
My Client is already using Kibana for Data Viz.
They also want to see specific Kibana Chart(they used) in dashboard card on web site I developed.

User Flow.

  1. User created chart in Kibana
  2. User wants to see this chart in dashboard card on other web site(Project A)

So, I need the way to crawl Kibana chart DOM or API to get DOM information about Kibana chart.
Are there any methods or API from Kibana?

I just need HTML Element about Kibana chart to render in other web site.


From Kibana, you can get the "embed" code for the dashboard (as an <iframe>) by clicking on "Share".

Thanks for your reply.
However, I do not mean that getting embed code in kibana UI.

My project web runs site separately from Kibana.
I need REST API like 'GET /saved_objects' or 'GET /api/kibana/dashboards/export'.
But there is no response data about chart dataSource or DOM element.

If I use <iframe>, How can I get 'src' value from Kibana API?
Is it possible to get a specific card in dashboard?
(not whole dashboard view, I mean a card in dashboard)


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