How can i disable logs UI

I have a question how can i disable logs UI??
it's blue circle in photo
make me solve this problem



@Min_Mah currently that is not possible without changing the source of Kibana. However we are working on a feature that would allow it, you can track the progress here

This setting here:

appear to do just that no?

Thanks to reply
if xpack.infra.enabled : false then infrastructure also disabled.
i just want to disabled only logs UI
except infrastructure UI

Thanks to reply
you means if i really want to disabled logs UI i have to changing the source of kibana??
is there the other ways??
in Git hub there is custom each roles but in my kibana that isn't exist..

This is Git

This is mine(kibana-7.1.0)

@Min_Mah as I told you before, currently there is no way to only disable the Logs UI. Setting that flag to false xpack.infra.enabled will also disable other things from that plugin. That would be possible in a future release. You can follow the progress in the issue I mentioned above ( or even asking for more info there.

Hope that helps,

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