How can I display line series chart with data added every 5 milliseconds

I would like to plot a chart between time and Flow (from a flow meter) which is updated every 5 milliseconds.

Is this possible? How should I go about doing this?

Sounds like you're asking for a polling functionality? Kibana can do this, but the smallest refresh time is set to 5 seconds.

To do it.

  1. Click the time range in the top right.
  2. Click "auto-refresh" next to the selected time.
  3. Set the interval you want to poll at (again, minimum 5 seconds).

Sorry about the confusion. What I intend to display is a line chart between time and Flow. I tried using timelion but the results were not as expected.

I also'Flow', metric='avg:Flow'), but I am not interested in the average, but just a line chart between time and Flow (where Flow resolution is 5 millisecond). It is like stock price display but the time resolution is at 5 millisecond. The total duration is not more than 2 minutes.

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