How to playback time series data with kibana

I have a whole stock market time series data for years, I want cut some piece from the data which has already stored in elasticsearch, is there a way I can playback that piece of data like a real time market is going on.

Hi there, yes you can create a visualization and/or dashboard of this data, and then set the refresh interval to something like 5 seconds. If you use a relative time range then the time window will move forward and update every 5 seconds.

I will try. Thanks.

Hi cjcenizal, Thanks for your repay, now set the refresh interval and the relative time range, time window is moving forward correctly. But I got two more questions.

1, When the time window is moving forward, the visualization graph is moving left and the most left part pass off , is the a way I can drag back the passing off part ?

2, Is there a way I can control the play speed? Which means I want go through 5 mins in 2.5 mins, which double the play speed.

There's currently no way to do that in Kibana sorry to say.

It's ok, I really appreciate you guys build this great project.

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