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Is it possible to do a playback of data on a map, and have it update as if it was streaming in real time, but displaying historical data? Attached an example pic of a previous time range, and would want it to refresh every 5 seconds. I tried this on one of my datasets with a timestamp and it wasn't working. Not sure if it had to do with my dataset, or maybe this just wasn't possible.

Hi @hbs128, welcome to the Elastic community forum :wave:

At this moment is not possible to run a "playback" of your data. This is a common request and it's been captured on this issue.

Please feel free to chime in and contribute if you have further details you'd like to share.

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Hi @hbs128--

Could you share more about your data and use case? I am the Product Manager for Maps in Kibana and it's helpful and influential to understand what customers are doing in real terms. For instance -- are you looking at cyber attacks, bicycle shares, migratory birds, etc. If you don't mind, could you share your role and what industry your company is in?

Thanks for reaching out and being a part of the community.

Kent M.

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