Scrollable time series?

After selecting a particular time period (say an hour), I'd like to be able to scroll forward or back in time to show the next/previous hour of data. It would be even better if this could be set to automatically scroll (e.g. show an hour's period of data, updating the display every 5s to scroll the time window forward in 10 min increments).

Are there any plans for such an extension to the interface for Kibana 4? (A slightly similar system was available in Marvel for Kibana3, for replaying the Marvel metrics over time. I haven't had chance to play with Marvel2 yet to see if it's still possible there).

Hey Iain,

What version of kibana are you running? Our most recent version have an auto refresh feature which at least seems to solve part of your problem.

You can't necessarily play through events with kibana, you can however, view as specific or not a time period you wish, and set the interval so that way you can always have the most up to date view.

In order to use the auto refresh click on the time picker in the top right corner, and the icon will show up.

Let me know if this solves your problem!


Hi Khalah,

I'm currently running kibana-4.1.1, and I do sometimes use the auto-refresh feature you mention. This provides the behaviour for up-to-the minute data, but I'd like to be able to scroll through historic data the same way.

This would be a great addition to the kibana interface, IMO.



Hey Iain,

You should make an issue on our github page if you think so!

Or perhaps write a plugin, if we move too slow for you.