Does Kibana have a way to use a scroll option in dashboard/graphs(lens)?


I was wondering how I can display a graph(lens) with time series data where I can drill down without distorting the wide view.

A good example of what I want is this from Elastic ML:

Not sure if that's available to use without ML, I don't need the ML aspect just the scroll option.
It would be great to scroll through a line graph in Lens.

Wondering if there's a way to accomplish this?


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Hey! I am pretty sure you can't do what you want but can you explain a bit more what do you mean with scroll? You would like to click on a point on your chart and not affect your selected timerange but rather see a preview of this selection somewhere else. Do I understand it correctly?

Yes, I would like to have an easier way to narrow in and out of the lens graph.

Currently, if you are looking at a graph in a dashboard with the timefence of 'last 24 hours', you can see a 24-hour view of a line graph.
The 24-hour view doesn't provide much detail, so the user needs to drill down into the areas they would like to focus on.

Once you drill down, your dashboard changes to that selected time range, and also I am aware of the feature to add a time range to a specific visualization.
The issue for me is having to go back and forth with the previous time selections in the dashboard or visualizations in order to compare and do more analysis.

The above picture with Elastic ML graph is a similar to what we used in SW.
It gives you the ability to use a slider (sorry I meant slider earlier not scroll) to see the line graph within the time interval (last 24 hours) and use the slider to show you the behavior within the time interval. The slider also gives you the ability to decrease the slider by the sides, and continue to slide the slider to look at the details at new time intervals (1 hour, 12 hours) while still within 24 hour interval .

Essentially just an easier way to drill down without the current hassle of having to go back and forth with time selections.
I assume since Elastic is using it for their ML, it might be possible to eventually get that into our dashboards.

Thanx for the details! This is a very nice feature request. We don't offer this atm. Can you open an issue on our public repo? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub Thanx a lot!

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Here's link to feature request for anyone's reference: [Lens] Make slider option available to drill down in dashboards · Issue #168479 · elastic/kibana (

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